1.Engineering Industry: Conveyer; Automation Machinery; Textile Machinery, etc.
2.Chemical Industry: Any kind of chemical machinery, etc.
3.Wooden working machine: Sanding M/C; Painting M/C, etc.gear motor

4.Electrical Industry: Winding machine; Steel Mill’s Machinery, etc.
5.Agriculture Machinery: Fruit Selecting Machinery; Food Machinery; Refrigeration Machinery, etc.
6.Mining Industry’s Machinery: Woodworking Machinery; Plywood Machinery, etc.

Smaller Motor and Reducer will be packed in Carton Fixed on Pallet.
Bigger Motor and Reducer will be protected by Wooden Shield Fixed on Pallet.

Standard Management gear motor
we executes standard management, which not only guarantees high-level product quality, but also greatly shortens delivery period and increases production efficiency.
Excellent Quality
we obtained ISO9001: 2000 and CCC attests.
It can get rid of non-control links and guarantee product and service quality as well as service efficiency, so as to satisfy customers in an all-around way.

We are the heart of mechanical specialized manufacture.
1.Business Objective: Refined, Strong, Large
2.Management Philosophy: First Quality, Sincere Service, Unceasing Innovation
3.Values: Quality is foundation stone of brand, Brand is life of business
4.Marketing Philosophy: Market-Oriented, Living is in quality, Developing is in reputation

gear motor

173視訊在這裡,不需要學歷,不需要經驗(有經驗更好),不需要你交押金 報名費等任何名義費用。173視訊做多少點數就結算多少錢,沒有底薪,憑自己能力賺錢,聊天室,多勞多得。每天,每月不規定你上多長時間的班。網站24小時運營,不論白天,晚上,你任何時候都可以上班,下班。不規定你做多少173視訊業績。沒有任務要求,聊天室,多勞多得。我們每個月根據女主播做的點數按比例結算薪水給主播。